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Customer Satisfaction




“I received excellent care from the 2 men that arrived in the ambulance. I am forever grateful for them & the service I received with the unexpected arrival of my daughter. I cannot thank them enough.” – Jayme C.


“I felt like I was in the hands of Angels. Thank you so very much for making me feel secure.” – Lynne S. 


“Having been an EMT in the past I was familiar with working in the back of and driving the rig but never being a patient. Your people and their skills were top-notch. Very solid!.” – Denise H


“As (the patient’s) daughter I feel the ambulance personnel are excellent . They treated mom with respect, kindness and gave her great care. Mom said they were very attentive and treated her with the respect even in the worst of health circumstances. Thank you! We feel better knowing they are there.” – Donna C. 


“To all you wonderful ambulance and paramedic and fire crew who assisted in reviving my husband during the snow blizzard. Our story is a good outcome because of the dedicated work you all contributed to him having the best chance of survival. (He) had a triple bypass on the 28th of December and now has been given the clearance to fly home to Australia. We know we are very lucky to have him still with us.” – Mary N.



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If you or a family member have been a patient of ours, please feel free to print off a Customer Survey, by clicking the link below and return it to:

Area Ambulance Service

2730 12th Street SW

Cedar Rapids, Iowa



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