Our Community Partnerships


Standby Service


Our Commitment

Through our commitment to make a positive impact on the community we serve, AAS donates thousands of hours of free medical coverage at countless events year round. We are proud to serve our community and support our various partners. We look forward to seeing you at our next event. Check out our Special Events Calendar and stop by to say hello!


In addition to our event standby services, we partner with the public safety agencies of the Cedar Rapids, Marion and surrounding communities by supporting their efforts in times of crisis. This support comes at no cost. 


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2014 United Way Campaign

In 2013 AAS employees donated over $5,000 to various United Way charities through payroll deductions. This year, these same employees have pledged to donate another $7,700. This generosity is a true testament to the personal commitment each one of our employees has to our community. 


Charitable Benefit

AAS is committed to providing financial assistance to all our patients who qualify.  Through our Financial Assistance Program, we have rendered over $80,000 of free medical care July – December 2013.  To learn more about this program please visit our Financial Assistance page.


Direct Financial Support

July – December 2013, AAS has made direct financial contributions to many local not-for-profit organizations. AAS strives to provide compassionate support not only in times of medical crisis, but through all the various challenges our society faces.