Within the , Piper offered Leo a guy, Wyatt Halliwell

Within the , Piper offered Leo a guy, Wyatt Halliwell

Leo and Piper were happily married for a couple of many years pursuing the its matrimony even in the event it debated partial-apparently concerning part from wonders in their future kid’s lifetime.

Although it was believed that Piper wasn’t in a position to has actually students, it absolutely was shown from the Angel away from Future that Piper was expecting employing child. Leo and you may Piper got many matches on the pregnancy once the neither of them discover the capability to know what each other was going right through. Amid the fresh new pregnancy and you can shortly after Wyatt was born, Leo made a decision to briefly simply take paternity leave from his Whitelighter commitments.

Relationship Trouble

Like most married couples, Piper and you may Leo started initially to endeavor have a tendency to. The newest couple’s most memorable challenge was at early ; in the exact middle of a hot argument, an angry Piper eventually blew up an entire wall structure and you can Leo try obligated to sleep downstairs. Phoebe upcoming grabbed they abreast of by herself making a consultation to own all of them with a marriage therapist. Regardless if Piper and you may Leo imagine you to definitely class wouldn’t help them eliminate the matrimony issues Phoebe shows that it cast an enchantment when they come, although it has many outcomes. The newest spell forced Piper and Leo (and Phoebe and Paige) to magically go lower memory lane from most memorable moments in their relationship. Following the enchantment is actually reversed as well as their earliest tutorial ended, it chose to offer its all the toward restoring the relationships, deciding to carry on with the brand new guidance, and ultizing “tools” to communicate collectively.

To-be an elderly

Inside the , in the event that Titans had been released of captivity and you can was indeed eliminating out of multiple Whitelighters in order to acquire the orbing power to get into the Heavens, Leo while the siblings were visited of the Chris Perry, a Atheist dating site good Whitelighter regarding the upcoming. Continue reading “Within the , Piper offered Leo a guy, Wyatt Halliwell”