Disaster Response

Disaster Response

Area Ambulance Service is committed to being prepared and equipped to respond to any crisis at any time.  Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI), happen all over the country and range from natural disasters to acts of terrorism.  AAS medics have spent many hours training for these MCI’s both in the classroom and in the field to ensure a professional and effective response in the worst of times. Below are recent disaster drills that AAS has taken part in:

  • MCI Plane Crash Response
  • Multi- Victim Motor Vehicle Collision Response
  • Mass- Casualty Shooting Response
  • Multi- Casualty Building Collapse Response

Area Ambulance works closely with all Emergency Response agencies in the Cedar Rapids Metro Area, to ensure that all area responders are prepared to respond with an efficient and coordinated effort when it counts the most!    


Gallery of Disaster Training:


Managing the MCI Class


Multi- Victim Motor Vehicle Collision
MCI Plane Crash Response
Mercy Hospital Active Shooter


Mercy Active Shooting Drill
Mercy Active Shooting Drill


 2014 Eastern Iowa Airport Disaster Drill