Our History

Our History

1971 – Area Ambulance Service was established in 1971, based out of Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. Utilizing two ambulances and twelve employees, the organization

           responded to approximately 2,400 calls for service a year

1978 – Area Ambulance Service becomes a Paramedic level service

1999 – AAS begins using 12 Lead capable cardiac monitors in the field

2003 – Dynamic System Status Deployment is initiated

2006 – AAS separates from Mercy Medical Center & the Buchanan County division joins the AAS team

2007 – Remote EKG’s are transmitted to hospital emergency rooms from the field

2008 – The Flood. AAS directs the evacuation of over 200 patients and care center residents from Mercy Medical Center while maintaining required service levels to the community

2010 – Toughbooks are implemented for more accurate electronic patient care charting

2012 – Area Ambulance Service relocates to a new state-of-the-art facility at 2730 12th Street SW

2014 – Area Ambulance Service increases number of available ALS Ambulances to cover Cedar Rapids/ Marion Response Area to 13.

2016 – Area Ambulance Service implements new GPS technology for electronic dispatching and routing.

2020 – Area Ambulance Service implements new decontamination processes in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Present – Utilizing 15 ALS ambulances and 65 medics, we respond to over 25,000 calls for service each year